PMR Records is an independent label founded by Ben and Daniel Parmar, responsible for the early development of Disclosure, Jessie Ware and Jamie Woon who have gone on to have mainstream success. It initially built recognition as a quintessentially British outlet, plugged into underground dance/electronic music culture, with a keen awareness of the trajectory of pop music.
Earning a reputation as an influential institution embedded in the international landscape of popular music with a knack for artist development. Its global impact is undeniable with its range of cult and commercial achievements. As of summer 2023, the PMR roster boasts some 1 billion streams annually.



The current PMR roster boasts Amber Mark, Hope Tala, Jessie Ware, Master Peace, Ruti, and SG Lewis. Other culturally crucial favourites who are part of the PMR story include Disclosure, Jai Paul, Jamie Woon, Julio Bashmore, L-Vis 1990, T Williams, Two-Inch Punch, Couros, Cyril Hahn, Dornik, Girli, Javeon, Klaves, Georgia & David Jackson (‘Get Me Higher’), and Meridian Dan (‘German Whip’).



Founded by London-based brothers Ben and Daniel, the humble beginnings of PMR formed in the living room of their family home. The dream of becoming a thriving hub of music they loved was a distant vision back then. The aim was to change people’s perception of what pop music is, and what it should sound like, as well as create a music company truly committed to artist development.
Over a decade, that entrepreneurial spirit, energy and vision have cemented PMR’s legacy. It’s been dubbed influential, unique and trailblazing, with a reputation for signing excellence and artists with a strong identity. Finding and executing music that comes from a cultural place with the art at the centre of things is key, as is maintaining ambition and a willingness to take risks. 



Among its slew of cult and commercial achievements, PMR is home to multiple chart-topping, global platinum-selling, Mercury, Grammy and BRIT-award nominated artists (and more).  In 2022, Ben and Daniel were named among Billboard’s International Power Players. 

The label has been lauded in tastemaker media and has appeared in multiple ‘best of’ lists, including kudos from Fact magazine, GQ India, The Guardian and Music Business Worldwide; Mark Gillespie of Three Six Zero said: “Ben and Daniel are living proof that if you put musical credibility before everything else, true success will follow. What they have built at PMR is really special and will continue to be for a long time.”