Amber Mark

Blending her international influences, from European, Asian, and New York living, Amber Mark brings to her music alternative R&B styling with dashes of hip hop, soul, bossa nova and a sophisticated pop sensibility.

A singer, songwriter and producer in her own right, her early releases 3:33am and Conexão showcase her multitude of talents and attracted a foundation of dedicated fans, including the legendary Sade. Displaying her genre-blending further, Amber put her unique spin on some classic songs for a lockdown covers EP during the pandemic.

In January 2022, her full-length debut album Three Dimensions Deep was released to a rousing reception. With collaborators on the record including modern pop songwriting royalty Julian Bunetta (One Direction, Jessie Ware, Maroon 5, Leona Lewis), the songs are really connecting, as evidenced by ‘Bliss’ being added to Barack Obama’s famous summer playlist of the year, and rapturous audiences singing them back on Amber’s 2022 world tour.


Amber says:

“So crazy, I never thought this day would come and here it is… finally here!

My soul is OUT NOW everywhere!!!

I hope this album gives you a sense of wonder that hits like lightning so much so that you feel that inner thunder and it’s so inviting😉 It has been my little baby for so many years… and now it’s all yours… make sure to take care of her.

So with all that said… whip out your dank ass sound systems, make sure the lighting is just right, turn shuffle off, select track One & enjoy the journey that is Three Dimensions Deep”

Amber Mark //