SG Lewis - Vibe Like This

Disclosure - Latch

Hope Tala - Leave it on the Dancefloor

Amber Mark - Bliss

Ruti - Safe & Sound

Hope Tala- All My Girls Like To Fight

Hope Tala- Tiptoeing

Hope Tala- Leave It On The Dancefloor

SG Lewis x Clairo- Better

SG Lewis- Chemicals

Amber Mark- Lose My Cool

Amber Mark ft. Mia Mark- Monsoon

Amber Mark- Mixer

Amber Mark- Love Me Right

Amber Mark- Love Is Stronger Than Pride

Amber Mark ft. DRAM- Put You On

Amber Mark- What If

Amber Mark- Generous

Amber Mark- 1894

Amber Mark- Worth It

Amber Mark- Competition

Amber Mark- Foreign Things

Amber Mark- Softly

Amber Mark- Most Men- A COLORS SHOW

Amber Mark- Out Of This World

Amber Mark- Bliss

Meridian Dan ft. Big H and JME

Disclosure ft. Lorde- Magnets

Georgia x David Jackson- Get Me Higher

Dornik- God Knows

Jessie Ware- Free Yourself

Master Peace- Country Life

Master Peace- Veronica

Master Peace - Brussels

Master Peace - I Might be Fake (feat. Georgia)

Master Peace - GET NAUGHTY !

SG Lewis - Vibe Like This //